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How making in India is becoming unviable for Tiruppur’s garment industry

Faced with one disruption after another, what was once touted as the ‘Manchester of South India’ is struggling to survive.

The effect of PCOS on women’s fertility, periods, weight gain and more, explained

A significant number of women in India have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a hormonal disorder that’s perfectly manageable when treated correctly.

Watch, Women vs PCOS: The effect on women’s fertility, periods, weight gain and more

PCOS has three main symptoms — irregular periods, unwanted hair growth on face and back, and acne. However, one need not have all three symptoms.

Watch: Here’s how you can help someone living with a mental illness

If you’re worried about a person’s mental health, there are some behavioural changes you can look out for.

Watch: Why adivasis were more vulnerable during Kerala floods

Wayanad, Idukki and Attapadi have a large population of adivasis. And these districts were also the worst affected during the floods of August 2018.

Watch: Discrimination faced by dalits in the time of Kerala floods

The documentary looks at how the marginalised communities are affected worse than others in the floods, for several historical reasons, including the places where they live.

How caste discrimination during and after Kerala floods has affected dalits, adivasis

Dalits and adivasis face widespread neglect and discrimination across the country, and the state of Kerala – even during and after the floods – is no exception.

Watch: Violence against inter-caste couples, and the need for a new law

Anti-caste activists in Telangana have been demanding for a separate law to address violence against inter-caste couples.

Why India’s narco cops are finding it hard to crack down on the new-age drug dealer

The dark web is enabling users to become dealers overnight, and this new crop of dealers are also putting cops in a moral dilemma.

When dopers turn dealers: How India’s party drug users are peddling for a quick buck

A portrait of the psychedelic drug trade in India as it gets decentralised, explaining why the police are finding it hard to crackdown on new-age peddlers.